Food is not the problem. Your brain is the problem.

I get how you feel. You just want to drop the weight and feel confident in your own skin! Remember those days? When you wore a bikini to the beach? And didn't feel the need to hide your body in strategically layered clothes? You know what you need to do. The only reason you're stuck is because your brain is not on board.

That was me.  I had my last child at 33 and the baby weight never fully left me. By the time I was 41 I wouldn't let my own husband see me naked.  

Today, I am fully confident in my own skin. My husband is thrilled that I'm no longer a "lights off" kinda girl ;-) We go on vacations and instead of hiding my body, I wear what I like.  I don't worry about any of that crap anymore. 

I know you'd love to feel confident in your own skin. And I want to offer you this: yes, you can absolutely lose the weight! But you sure as hell don't have to wait for that to happen before you can enjoy that confidence.  You can decide that you're amazing right now. Exactly as you are.  Beautiful.  Wise. Sexy. Successful.  

And if you do, your weight loss journey is going to happen a whole lot quicker and it will stick around a whole lot longer. 

I don't count calories and I don't go on diets. Neither do my clients. 

I also don't have a magic pill or a quick fix solution (but wouldn't that be cool?!). 

The big secret my clients & I share is simply the ability to manage our own minds.  

You get to create whatever body you want.  

It's absolutely possible.... 

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Penny Porter ~ Kansas City

“When you least expect it GOD puts someone in your path, they are not there by accident. It’s not a coincidence. We have had several coaching sessions and I told my friends and family that finally, I am seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I feel more focused, and she has helped restore my confidence in myself."

Holly Mesa ~ Atlanta, GA

"I worked with Gabriel for 6 weeks. During that time she taught me so much. I learned that my thoughts cause my feelings which cause my actions and create my results. She made me see that the way I was thinking caused a lot of my overeating. We also talked a lot about buffering. I buffer often to avoid tasks and feelings and she helped me to see that. She also helped me to see that food does not make tasks or feelings go away. Food just hits the pause button and the feelings and tasks are still there even after I eat. So actually when you buffer with food it causes even worse feelings. Gabriel is a great coach and anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach!"

Suzanna ~ Atlanta, GA

"I really didn’t know what to expect from a life coach before I began working with Gabriel.  I was a little nervous but she put me right at ease.  She is funny, positive, easy to talk to, and very encouraging.  She, also, is very knowledgeable and is able to make suggestions without emitting a superior attitude.  She challenged me to do things that I would have never done on my own.  She gave me tools to strengthen my commitment to myself and help me get on the path to permanent weight loss.  Gabriel is a wonderful life/weight loss coach and I am truly appreciative of our time together and the things she taught me."

Losing Weight With Confidence

A 12 Week Personal Coaching Intensive Experience

The unshakable kind.  Strut around the house without your clothes on if that's what you want to do.  I would suggest you close the curtains and make sure the kids aren't home. 

Not the short term weight loss successes you've probably had before.  I'm talking about total life changing permanent weight loss.  You got 99 problems but your weight won't be one. 

Imagine what it would be like if you actually kept the promises you made to yourself.  You will learn this superpower and you'll be unstoppable with any goal you set your mind to. 

Hey, I'm Gabriel... 

I spent most of my life looking for self-worth in the form of others' opinions of me. Mostly men's opinions. 

If they found me desirable, then I was worthy.  I was good enough. 

If they didn't, I wasn't worth shit. 

So you can imagine how well this mindset worked for me when I found myself at the age of 41, overweight, flabby, soft, and totally disgusted by what I saw in the mirror every morning.  

I didn't feel attractive anymore.  So there went the self-worth.  Bye-bye! 

Here's what I learned.

My confidence comes from MY thoughts about myself. Not from anyone else's.  

I'm completely worthy at a size 5 or a size 14. And so are you. 

You want to lose weight?  I got you.  I'll take you through the step by step process of why you're overweight and how to solve it for the last time. 

But I'll also help you become more confident than you've ever been.  And we don't have to wait for the weight loss result to do it. 

Hating yourself skinny never works.

Because when you take actions from a place of love and confidence, you'll get a much better result than when you take action from a place of self-loathing and punishment.  

If you're ready to stop feeling shame about your body, let's get on a call together. You'll share with me what you're struggling with and what result you'd like to create.  I'll help you bridge that gap.  

This personal session offer is limited - my calendar does fill up so - schedule now.

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Indecision is what has you stuck right where you are.  

At some point we just have to pull the trigger. Using my unique approach, you will address all facets of your weight loss struggles.  I liken diets to cutting weeds.  If you don't pull out the root, they always come back. They're a band-aid for a symptom of the problem. It's time to stop looking for the quick fix, and do the deeper work.  Only then, will you get that life-changing transformation. Every woman deserves to feel confident and alive in her own skin.   Let's do this!

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