If you aren't making consistent 5-figure months as a health, nutrition, or fitness coach, this is for you. 

There's only 3 possible reasons for this. And when you address those 3 reasons, you'll create a lucrative business that makes you excited to get your ass outta bed in the morning.  I created this free mini-training to help you start making more money today.  

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But people don't see the value in nutrition or fitness coaching!

Maybe not, but what people do value is the feeling of confidence. Having sex with the lights on. More intimacy with their partner. 

They value their health. Feeling energetic each day, eager to take on a new challenge. 

They value pride in their accomplishments. Knowing that they overcame an obstacle and get to reap the benefits. It's the first in a string of other firsts all created by taking control of their life. 

So stop trying to sell them on what they don't want. Start selling them on what they do. 

I present to you...

The High Ticket Academy for Fitness & Nutrition Professionals. 

If you are a certified health coach, nutrition coach, or personal trainer, and you love helping people create the best version of themselves, but struggle getting people to see the value in what you offer, I created this specifically for you. I've been there. I went from offering most of my services for free, struggling to sell $199 price point offers to selling weight loss coaching packages ranging $2500-$5000 each. And I promise you - there's NO reason you can't create the same kind of success in your business. You just need some support in creating more value, helping your prospects see that value, and having a system for creating money. 

I've created this program just for you. 


COURSE CURRICULUM - Create More Value & Increase Your Pricing

Nutrition and workout plans are a dime a dozen.  If they worked by themselves - we'd no longer have an obesity epidemic.  They don't need someone telling them how to eat or how to work out nearly as much as they need someone to help them make an internal shift of their being.  The outer change is simply a side-effect of the internal changes which must come first if they are to have the "life-changing" permanent results you want to offer them. This curriculum is designed to help you coach the entire person so you help them uncover the old conditioning and beliefs that drive them to overeat, so they can treat the root cause, and you can offer life-changing results. 

COURSE CURRICULUM - Create A System For Money

This is where you create your own personal signature offer and build an online funnel that consistently brings potential clients into your orbit. You'll get step-by-step tutorials on how to create your website, funnel and email nurture sequence so you have an automated system that brings clients to you. Technology not your friend? Not a problem.  If I can learn this stuff, ANYONE can! The step-by-step tutorials make it so easy, you can have your website set up in one afternoon. But a website won't bring you clients.  Which is why you'll also learn how to create an online automated funnel to build & nurture your growing audience. 


Get Your Brain Unstuck

You'll get weekly group coaching calls for 6 full months. This is a brand new program so you'll get plenty of hand-holding support.  You won't be stuck in a group with 50+ people. This is an intimate setting where you get personal support from me as your mentor and coach. Bring your struggles and your wins.  Get support with any of the curriculum you might have questions on and get some coaching around any bullish&t drama that comes up as you go all-in to create and sell your high-ticket offer.


Can I tell you what this looks like? 

You're going to learn how to add more value for your clients. Then you're going to create an offer that will blow their socks off.  Then you're going to learn how to market without selling. We make marketing fun because we don't randomly hit up stranger's DM's, we just show up real AF and offer a ton of value.  Then you're going to create an online system for money.  The kind that has your consult calendar filled up each week. Yeah, it's a little work getting all this set up.  But once you do... the clients find you and you get to spend your time doing what you love.  Helping others to be the best version of themselves. 

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